O-tax Ear Cleaning Set is really one essential item for daily life and ear hygiene. Earwax in a natural barrier that protects the ear canal and hearing from external damage and free radicals.

But too much build up ear wax can also be damaging to the ear and hearing so need to carefully remove it on a regular basis.

What to use O-tax?

O-tax helps get excessive earwax out of ears. This allows to hear better but not only. Earwax can clog the ear canal which can cause different conditions

Protect ears

Use protective gear when around noises which cannot avoid. Of course, if can avoid them - that would be best. But for the times when can’t avoid them - use ear protectors like earplugs and earmuffs.

Give ears time to relax

This is recommended for those who are exposed to loud noise for prolonged periods. ears need time to heal. For example, after spending an hour or a night out in sports field or concert, ears need at least 16 hours to rest properly.

Keep ears dry

Summer is usually the time when we spend a lot more time by the pool or in the sea. So when bathing or after a swim, dry ears well with a towel to avoid having moisture in ears and the ear canal. Extra moisture can create conditions for bacteria growth.

By using O-tax, will keep ears clean, help prevent ache and other side effects that can be associated with earwax buildup.

Price: €13.99



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